Create A Video Blog

This tutorial will show you how to create a video blog by using Elementor Pro, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Type UI, and Ele Custom Skin.

Demo Example

Layout Optimization Best Practice

In this lesson, we'll learn the most efficient ways to create your pages layout with Elementor.

Get Started

  1. Create A CPT called Videos. Make sure it has Archive enabled.
  2. Create one text field in ACF called Media URL and assign it to Video Posts.
  3. Create a few posts in the block editor. Add the Video URL to the custom field.
  4. Create a Loop with Ele Custom Skin. Add a Video Widget to the top and pull the ACF field as the location.
  5. Create an Archive. Add the Posts Widget and call the custom loop. Query the video posts.
  6. The Archive is now done

Create A Single Post Template

  1. Create the Single Post with a Video Widget using the ACF field and Post Content Widget to display the Full post.

Tools Used

CPT-UI / ACF / Ele Custom Skin / E Pro Archive Template

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